Village Bus

The village bus of the Ogasawara Village attempts to improve community welfare through securing means of transportation for people living on the island and also operates for the purpose of providing transportation services for visitors to the island.

There are two lines, which are the Ogiura line and the Omura〜Okumura loop line. The Ogiura line is a round-trip line that connects the village districts (Nishimachi〜Higashimachi〜Kiyose〜Okumura) with the areas outside of the village (Sakaiura〜Ogiura〜Komagari〜Kita Fukurozawa〜Kominato). The loop line has two routes, which are the “Blue Line” that goes around the village districts from along the seaside, and the “Orange Line” that goes around from the top of the hill. (Please refer to the route map.)

Buses usually run once every hour, starting from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. on weekdays. It runs a course of the loop line “Blue Line” (15 minutes)〜Ogiura round-trip line (round-trip 30 minutes)〜loop line “Orange Line” (15 minutes). On weekends or holidays it runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and runs less compared to weekdays. (Please refer to the bus time schedule.)

The bus is colored blue, with colorful designs of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and albatrosses, using yellow as the base color. It fits the scenery of Ogasawara with bright sunlight of the subtropics. The uniform of the drivers and staff are aloha shirts, which is also a unique sight that can only be seen in Ogasawara.

Please use the village bus when visiting Chichijima.

The bus far

The bus fare is 200 Yen for adults, and 100 Yen for children.

The free ride ticket

The free ride ticket is extremely convenient for those who plan on using the bus several times a day.

1day ticket

adults 500 Yen

children 250 Yen

picture of Village Bus

The village bus also has a lift for wheelchairs installed, allowing passengers on wheelchairs to get on and off the bus while staying seated on their wheelchairs.

Route Map

Bus Time Schedule

Buses may increase the number of times running per day during seasons such as the end of the year or New Year’s.

In such events there will be notices with temporary time schedules posted at each bus stop.

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