The basic principle of the Ogasawara Ecotourism Committee is, “the development of the islands that allows people to live comfortably in Ogasawara by having tourists become familiar with its nature and historical culture while also preserving the precious nature of Ogasawara for the future.” This basic principle is also interpreted to be,”a flexible and wide framework that accepts various people who are attracted to Ogasawara for purposes such as vacation, leisure, and historical sightseeing. Other factors are also included in this framework such as agriculture and fishery while focusing on the tourism industry.”

While we make efforts to pass on the rich, beautiful, and unique nature as well as culture of these oceanic islands to the next generation, we also perceive these as resources for the sustainable development of the village. We aim for the prosperity of the region by balancing the preservation as well as use of these resources, and continue to advance the building of sustainable islands.

(From the Ogasawara Ecotourism Promotion Master Plan)

Ogasawara Ecotourism Committee

Introduction of Registered Guides

Ogasawara Forest/ Mountain Guide Registration System

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