Mr.Ogasawara retired from the Ogasawara Village Goodwill Ambassador in February 2016.
Thank you very much for your cooperation as a Goodwill Tourism Ambassador for more than 16 years from 1999.

Michihiro Ogasawara

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Michihiro Ogasawara

Birth Date
Chunichi Dragons

Personal history

1989 Enters Gyosei International High School
1992 Joins NTT Kanto (Amateur baseball)
1997 Joins Nippon Ham (3rd draft)
1999 Appointed as the goodwill tourism ambassador for the Ogasawara village
2006 Wins the double crown for homerunsand RBI! Quintuple crown for batting!! Pacific League MVP!!
2007 Transfers to Yomiuri Giants
2007 Central League MVP!!
2008 Accomplishes a cycle hit against Hiroshima!!
2011 Achieves 2,000 hits!
2014 Transfers to Chunichi Dragons
2015 Retired a baseball player
2016 Became a 2nd manager of Chunichi Dragons

Related Events

Presentation of Commemoration Gift for Achieving 2,000 Hits

Michihiro Ogasawara achieved 2,000 hits on May 5, 2011. He became the 38th player in Japanese baseball history to achieve this great record. In commemoration of his accomplishment, the Ogasawara Village Mayor and representative of the Ogasawara Fighters presented him with a special, mini-sized barrel of Ogasawara Rum at the “Ogasawara” present night game.

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A wonderful gift from the tourism ambassador to the children of the island

Mr. Ogasawara gifted the children’s baseball team, “Ogasawara Fighters” with a team uniform. The children were extremely content as they did not have uniforms until then.

How Michihiro Ogasawara came to become appointed

In the 1999 season, which was his third year at Nippon Ham Fighters, Michihiro Ogasawara was selected in the best nine, won the golden glove award and the Tokyo Dome MVP to become the star of the team. The Ogasawara village was attracted by Mr. Ogasawara, who possessed the same name as this village. To have Mr. Ogasawara cooperate as a goodwill tourism ambassador for the Ogasawara village will lead to the promotion of the village. For this reason the village requested his team to be appointed and both the team and Mr. Ogasawara agreed to this. On December 25, 1999, Mr. Ogasawara was officially appointed as the goodwill tourism ambassador for the Ogasawara village at the Nippon Ham team office in Roppongi.

1st picture of Mr.Ogasawara
2nd picture of Mr.Ogasawara
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