Beautiful Subtropical Nature and the Riches of Plants and Animals

Since the Ogasawara Islands have never been connected to the mainland, the plants and animals that were carried by sea currents, wind, and birds have evolved in original ways. Hiking and trekking the subtropical forests and mountains that maintain their primitive states while observing endemic animals, plants, and birds is full of surprises and wonder.

The sea of Ogasawara has a deep, transparent color. There are colorful coral reefs, tropical fish, and dynamic scenes such as the migration of large fishes. Various marine activities such as whale watching, dolphin swimming & watching, snorkeling, diving, sea kayak, and fishing can be enjoyed.

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The Ogasawara village promotes the practice of ecotourism in order to continuously make use of the natural, historical, and cultural resources of the area while protecting them.

Whale watching first began here in 1989. After the laying down of voluntary rules for whale watching, other voluntary regulations as well as guidelines have been specified for natural monuments and endangered species in order to have tourists enjoy them while preserving the original state of the nature of Ogasawara. Tourists must be accompanied by a guide with a permit when visiting Minamijima, the Sekimon area of Hahajima, and also when using specified routes apart from public trails. Please enjoy the nature of Ogasawara by following the rules such as by walking only on designated routes and following the instructions of guides.

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