Things to be aware of so your vacation is not spoiled when something unexpected occurs!

General knowledge on the humid mainland and the subtropical Ogasawara is slightly different. Please read carefully in order to be prepared when arriving at Ogasawara.

Can you camp?

No. Acts of camping in Ogasawara is forbidden in all areas of the village by regulation of the village. Please visit the island upon reserving an accommodation facility.

Do cellular phones function on the island?

Communicable ranges within villages differ according to the cellular carrier. NTT docomo, SoftBank, and au can be used (as of June 2012).

Is there a convenience store?

There are no convenience stores that are open 24 hours. However there are supermarkets, general stores, pharmacy, and stationary shops on the island. There are plenty of places to buy daily necessities as well as food to cook.

What is the temperature/ water temperature like?

The monthly average temperature, highest temperature, lowest temperature, and amount of precipitation on Chichijima are shown below. Please refer to this when selecting your clothes to bring.

2011 Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
22.1 23.8 23.9 25.2 30.1 33.0 32.1 32.5 30.2 30.5 28.3 26.9
10.8 9.7 12.6 13.6 17.3 20.1 23.3 23.2 22.8 23.5 19.8 13.2
17.0 18.3 18.3 19.7 23.9 27.1 27.8 27.7 27.2 26.5 24.2 20.1
62 68 63 70 86 81 80 79 83 82 71 71
23.5 50.0 30.5 53.0 55.0 6.0 61.5 168.5 243.5 131.0 26.0 94.0
Average Water Temperature(℃) 20.4 20.8 20.7 20.6 22.8 25.3 25.9 26.7 26.7 26.7 25.1 22.9

I want to go snorkeling.

There are places that rent snorkeling sets (mask/ fin/ snorkel) so it is possible to casually enjoy snorkeling. Please contact the tourism association for places to rent.

Can we use cash cards?

  • Shichito Shinyo Kumiai Ogasawara Branch
    ATM 8:45〜17:00 Bank counter 9:00〜15:00
    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays
  • JA Tokyo Shimasho Ogasawara Chichijima Branch
    8:30〜16:30 (weekdays) 9:00〜12:00 (Saturdays)
  • JA Tokyo Shimasho Ogasawara Hahajima Branch
    8:45〜17:00 (weekdays only)
  • Ogasawara Post Office (only Chichijima)
  • Ogasawara Post Office Futami Port Passenger Lounge ATM
    9:00〜17:30 (weekdays) 9:00〜17:00 (Saturday/ Sunday/ National holiday)

*The Shichito Shinyo Kumiai, Nokyo (JA), and post office are closed during golden week and holiday periods at the end and beginning of the year.

Be careful!


Ogasawara is located in the subtropics. The air is clear and sunlight is strong even in the winter. The skin can easily get sunburned when wearing clothes that expose the skin to the sun. Make sure to prepare hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen when visiting the island! Of course it is also possible to purchase them here on the island.

Drinking water!

When leaving the town district of Ogasawara there aren’t many places to resupply drinking water. Please make sure to bring plenty of drinking water when going to relax at the beach, walking to Hatsuneura, or hiking to places that require time such as John Beach.

Watch your step!

The dirt of Ogasawara is clay-like, and can become very slippery after the rain. Please avoid using sandals when trekking through public trails and make sure to wear sneakers. *There are corals, pieces of corals, and sea urchins inside the sea. Be careful when entering with your bare feet.

The greatest attraction for tourism in Ogasawara is the precious and beautiful “nature”. In order to continue to preserve this nature and also have everyone enjoy a memorable trip, please cooperate with the following items.

We encourage people to take back their own garbage. Please take your garbage with you to your lodging or the port after swimming and hiking. When going out please inform the people at your accommodation facility regarding your destination and when you would be returning. Avoid making difficult plans on days with bad weather and high waves. Please obey traffic rules and drive safely as there are many roads with poor view. Ogasawara is an amazing place rich with precious plants and animals. “Take only photos, and leave only footprints.”

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