Ogasawara Forest/ Mountain Guide Registration System

This system is based on the purport of the concept of ecotourism stated by the Ogasawara Ecotourism Committee. Its purpose is to establish the social status of guides by preserving the endemic nature and culture of Ogasawara, seeking an appropriate and continuous way to use these resources, and contributing to the development of the region through activities as a guide that is trusted by customers and the community.
Those who are eligible as a forest/ mountain guide of Ogasawara are, “someone who receives payment to guide and explain about Ogasawara, mainly in the outdoors of land areas.”
In order to become registered as a forest / mountain guide the following requirements must be met.

Requirements for Registration

  • (1) Has been residing in the village of Ogasawara for more than a year.
  • (2) Has over one year of work experience with guide or work that would serve as an advantage for guiding in Ogasawara
  • (3) Must comply with the disclosure of information such as profiles
  • (4) Must attend the Ogasawara forest/ mountain guide courses
  • (5) Must join accident insurance and liability insurance for negligence during activities
  • (6) Must possess skills that are up to date regarding life support as well as first aid
  • (7) Obey the law along with voluntary rules related to guiding

※Please refer to Ogasawara Forest/ Mountain Guide Registration System Implementation Guideline (Revised in 2013): PDFopen the new windowfor more details

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