In order to promote ecotourism, the Ogasawara village has established the “Ogasawara Ecotourism Committee” based on the ecotourism promotion plan.

The committee aims for the establishment of an original ecotourism of Ogasawara that provides opportunities to become familiar with the natural environment and historical culture of the islands. At the same time the committee will work on the preservation as well as appropriate management of the local resources and contribute to the development of the region. This will be advanced based on the agreement of the entire region.

In order to achieve these targets the following items are being discussed.

  • (1) The dissemination, education of ecotourism
  • (2) Matters regarding the creation and changes of the entire concept for the promotion of ecotourism
  • (3) Necessary rules and regulations for the adjustment of preservation and use
  • (4) Regulations for the approval and registration of guides
  • (5) The establishment of an executive organization that for the promotion of ecotourism
  • (6) Coordination with local industries
  • (7) Other necessary items for the promotion of ecotourism

The committee is formed by representatives of the following organizations.

Organization name

  • Ogasawara Village Society of Commerce and Industry
  • Ogasawara Village Tourism Association
  • Ogasawara Hahajima Tourism Association
  • Ogasawara Whale Watching Association
  • Tokyo Tosho Agriculture Cooperative Union (JA)
  • Ogasawara Island Fishery Cooperative
  • Ogasawara Hahajima Fishery Cooperative Union
  • OgasawaraKaiun Co., Ltd.
  • Ogasawara Wildlife Research Society (NPO)
  • Ogasawara Institute of Boninology (Natural Culture Research Center) (NPO)
  • Ogasawara Nature Conservation Educator Liaison Committee
  • NPO Everlasting Nature
  • Ogasawara Ranger Office for Nature Conservation, Ministry of the Environment
  • Ogasawara General Office, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Center of Ogasawara Islands Forest Ecosystem Reserve, Kanto Regional Forest Office, Forestry Agency
  • Ogasawara Branch Office, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Ogasawara Village
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