Natural Monuments

Many of the wild animals in the Ogasawara Islands are scientifically precious. A number of plants and animals are specified as natural monuments and endangered species that require protection as their numbers are low. Among them the “Meguro (Bonin White-eye)” is a special natural monument that can only be found on Hahajima and nowhere else in the world.
In addition, the entire island of Minami Iwo-to is designated as a natural monument while it has also been specified as one of the only five “wild life conservation area” in the country in 1975.
Special natural monument
”Meguro (Bonin White-eye)”
  Akagashira Karasubato
“Akagashira Karasubato(Red-headed wood pigeon)”
“Ogasawaranosuri(Ogasawara Buzzard)”
   Extra Information
hermit crabsConcave land hermit crabs that live in the mountains
The concave land hermit crabs, which are natural monuments, are strange hermit crabs that walk around the forests and mountains. They walk down the mountains and into the sea when laying their eggs.