Location/ Topography/ Climate

map of Ogasawara islands

the monument the easternmost is in JapanMinamitorishima is the easternmost island of Japan (24 degrees 18 minutes north latitude, 153 degrees 58 minutes east longitude) and is located approximately 1,300km east-southeast from Chichijima, approximately 1,100km east from Iwo-to. It has an area of 1.51km2, is shaped almost like an equilateral triangle with a circumference of approximately 7.6km, and the highest elevation is 9m. It is an island that was formed by the elevation of coral reefs. The area around the island is shallow as it is surrounded by coral reefs. However the exterior of the coral reefs is a steep cliff and the depth suddenly drops to about 1,000km. The climate is a savanna climate according to the Koppen climate classification. The average annual temperature for ten years from 2002 to 2012 was 25.7℃ and quite warm. However the annual amount of precipitation was 1,035.7mm, which is the lowest in Japan.

Current State

map of Ogasawara islandsCurrently there are facilities of the Maritime Self Defence Forces and the Meteorological Agency with 23 members of staff stationed for work (as of April 2010). With the exception of workers for the repair of facilities, regular people do not visit the island. When it becomes time for elections, members of staff from the Ogasawara village office are requested by Ayase city to visit the island and help with election work (early voting).

Maritime Self Defence Forces Barracks Meteorological Agency Building
Maritime Self Defence Forces Barracks Meteorological Agency Building